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Guild Charter
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:56:45 AM »
Guild Charter

The Order of the Rose-Croix is a mature and friendly guild that has been active in many online games since October 2001. During our existence, we have striven to forge a guild that that would stand out among other guilds, not by sheer size of numbers, but by the quality of the players in the guild, and their commitment to helping others in-game whether they are a part of the guild or not. The guild has defined itself as a haven for those gamers who prefer a more relaxed, fun and casual guild. Although we are very strict with our ethics in-game, we only do so to ensure that members are safe to play in an environment that fosters a friendly, family feel.

The guild sets out to be regarded in high esteem by players external to the guild as well as by its own members. This can be a difficult task and places a responsibility on each member to ensure good conduct in the game when interacting and grouping with other players. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should spend your entire time helping others and without progressing yourself, but a request from another guild member or a plea for help in combat we feel should be answered. If a guild member is having trouble progressing in levels, or requires some help with a quest, they should feel that someone in the guild will be willing to spend some time helping them out.

I believe the guild should foster a sense of companionship with each member, as opposed to being just another chat channel. As the guild grows, there will be members of varying levels. We do not want the guild to have factions that bar lower level players from mixing it with higher level players. Indeed, higher level players, due to their experience of the game, should extend their help to the lower level players where possible - without detriment to their own game.

The guild also has an active web based community (http://www.order-of-the-rose-croix.com and every member is encouraged to participate on our forums. Since our early gaming days, the guild has since dipped its toe into many varied online games. The web community allows members to continue to communicate with each other outside of any games members are currently playing and is important to us to further strengthen our bonds as members of this guild.

So, in summary, this guild should be fun to be part of, but also maintain ethics that help rather than hinder other people's enjoyment of the game, as well as impart a sense of companionship. This will increase our guild's reputation and hopefully help to recruit future quality players.

Acuas Templar

Founder an Grand Master of Order of the Rose-Croix
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