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Guild Ethics
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:47:35 AM »
Guild Ethics

Any guild should have good playing ethics. This is so that everyone within the guild can enjoy playing the game without grief from other players, both within and external to the guild.

Our ethics as a guild also extend to non-members in terms of good conduct and help when needed or asked frantically in the heat of battle!

With this in mind, the Order of the Rose-Croix strives to follow these ethics:

  • A member should not cause grief to other players, both within the guild and external to the guild, either through harassment, verbal abuse, racism, slander, begging or any such other un-ethical behaviour.
  • A member should have good manners on the chat channels, including refraining from swearing, verbal abuse, racist comments and generally inappropriate chat behaviour. Don't forget: there may be minors that are members of the guild due to their parents also being members so therefore inappropriate chat is not acceptable.
  • A member should abide by good gaming manners by not stealing other people's kills and asking first if help is required, following grouping ethics such as not dropping a group without plenty of prior warning, helping group members if things go wrong and not dropping the group at the first sign of trouble, following good protocol when inviting new members that are queued to join the group, sharing camp spots with other groups, not continually begging other guild members for power-levelling or any other such practice. This list is by no means exhaustive and in general a member should think before performing an act that could be classed as un-ethical within a game.
  • A member should show willingness to group with other guild members.
  • A member should show willingness to help lower level members with equipment, money and levelling as long as it does not become expected and a burden to the higher level member.
  • A member should promote the guild and not slander the guild within or without the game.
  • A member should report any bad behaviour by any member that can be considered un-ethical and against the spirit of the guild to an officer.

This list is by no means a set of rules, but more a set of guidelines that every member should adopt when they are a member of the Order of the Rose-Croix.

Any potential member that feels they cannot abide by these ethics should consider looking for another guild as the Order of the Rose-Croix will not be suitable.

Any existing member that continually goes against the spirit of these ethics will have their membership revoked and will no longer be welcome within the Order of the Rose-Croix.

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Founder and Grand Master of Order of the Rose-Croix
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